The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many businesses to make a quick digital transformation. Because so many more employees are working from home, this is the perfect time to take a look at four tools to improve business work-from-home strategies.

Real-Time Analysis

In these difficult times, many SMBs are looking to their analytics platforms. Looking at how aspects of your businesses are functioning in real-time, you can quickly adapt strategies to keep your business running efficiently.

Structure analytic systems near the edge of your computing network, giving you a clearer view of data flow.

Other benefits include:

  • • Managing location data: Helps determine the relevant data for multiple locations.
  • • Anomaly detection: Detects outlier data sets to avoid decision-making errors.
  • • Improved marketing: Helps decision-makers to notice and take advantage of new demands.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

VoIP is an extremely useful and efficient tool for teleworkers. For a fraction of the price of a conventional phone system, you get strong communication options and an enterprise-level telephone system. VoIP provides remote workers with instant messaging, text messaging, and audio and video conferencing. It’s a powerful tool for businesses looking to maintain productivity with employees working from home.


Automation of simple or repetitive tasks is a great way to cut costs. If your business can identify processes within your workflow that can be automated, you can get the type of consistency automation brings to these tasks while utilizing human resources to build revenue.

Look to automate:

  • • Tasks that involve moving information around.
  • • Simple and routine but necessary tasks.
  • • Tasks that frequently interrupt focus on business-critical tasks.

Making the investment to automate these tasks will save you time and money during the current emergency and in the long run.

Online Sales

If you aren’t taking advantage of e-commerce, now’s the time to get into it. If you are already selling online, optimize. In retail, companies are seeing double and even triple online sales than a few weeks ago. Prioritize online sales while your storefront is closed. E-commerce is booming.

Implementing the right technologies and strategies can be a big help to small businesses during the COVID-19 period,. Call Quikteks today at (973) 882-4644. We can help.