Nobody ever wants to admit that their business has a problem with security. Unfortunately, as the the business owner, you have to consider all possible outcomes of any potential data loss incident. Furthermore, many of these incidents are beyond your control. Nevertheless, thinking ahead and planning for the worst can eliminate this worry.

While you can protect against cyber security issues, you’ll also need to be wary of unplanned disasters that could threaten the future of your business infrastructure, such as snowstorms or hurricanes. Everything from natural disasters to just flat-out bad luck will come for you someday, so have contingencies put into place in case you find yourself in a bad situation.

Think of your business’s future in the terms of something fragile, like an egg. The shell can crack at any time unless you do something to keep it safe. So you store it in a durable carton, tucked away in a secure spot in the fridge. Similarly, you can only keep your business’s data secure by keeping it in a safe, controlled environment where it can’t be harmed by external factors like the weather or hackers.

Worse, downtime may occur. This will force your business to twiddle its thumbs you wait for your data to be restored. Naturally, when no work is being done, progress is halted, which can be detrimental to your business.

A backup system that relies on the cloud can allow for more dynamic data preservation through a virtualized environment. You gain the ability to take multiple backups as often as every fifteen minutes, which keeps data loss at an all-time low. Plus, you can recover your data in a moment’s notice by restoring data directly to the BDR device itself, providing recovery that takes only an instant compared to the sluggish rate at which tape works.

Develop a solid data backup plan to prevent bad weather from disrupting your business. Schedule a free data backup consultation today or give us a call at (973) 882-4644.

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