The last couple of years have been tough for a lot of businesses. As well as the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have wrestled with supply chain problems and other issues. To get through these challenging times, it’s important to manage your business technology and IT budget in cost-effective ways.

Get a Reprieve with Managed Services

How do you pay for your IT services? Are you getting the best value for money and the best service for the money you invest in your technology? You might not be getting the best deal for your business. For example, if you pay for your IT on a pay-as-you-go basis, you could be paying more than you need to, and ultimately losing capital.

Here’s the problem with pay-as-you-go IT services: the service provider has no incentive to go beyond fixing the issue, to ensure that it – or other problems – don’t crop up again in the near future. Let’s think of it in another way. Their business model relies on your IT failing and needing attention. If their clients’ computer systems are working well, they go out of business.

With managed IT services, the problem goes away. Instead of fixing items when they go wrong, managed services aim to stop things going wrong to start with. It’s a proactive approach that is designed to catch problems before they cause trouble, and to fix issues that do arise as quickly as possible.

Think of it as similar to car maintenance. It’s obviously more desirable to fix worn brake pads before the brakes fail and you end up with a car that’s a complete wreck. A comprehensive managed services agreement does something similar.

Predictability is Good for Businesses

In the current business environment, you need dependable technology that isn’t going to malfunction, causing downtime that disrupts your operations. Good business technology management helps reduce uncertainty and allows you to take your business forward.

If you make the move from pay-as-you-go to managed IT services, there are other benefits for your business too. A flat-rate monthly fee means that you can budget more effectively, instead of having to find resources when IT failures strike. Your management services agreement will cover many or most of the expenses that can arise.

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