The field of computers and technology is constantly evolving and keeping up with its complexities isn’t everyone’s favorite activity. This applies particularly to business technology, as opposed to home computing. Managing business-grade technology can be challenging even for people who are comfortable with computers and other devices. What can you do to be sure that your business tech is functioning well – and will stay that way?

Managed Services – the Solution

There’s a way to do that without you having to invest a whole lot of time and effort. Managed IT services are available to and affordable for businesses of all sizes. A managed services provider will provide expert tech management to a small business – equivalent to the care that enterprise-level businesses receive from their in-house IT team.

A large business will almost certainly have a bigger IT budget and more resources to expend on managing their IT. Smaller businesses often don’t have those resources and have to budget more tightly. If cuts have to be made, it’s often the IT department that gets cut, because of its relative expense. That might seem to make sense, but it only works when technology continues to work well and failures don’t impact on your organization’s capacity to generate revenue.

Big companies can afford to hire a whole department of IT experts. Smaller businesses may only have the resources for one or two in-house IT personnel. Large organizations can reap the benefits of having several technicians, so the load is spread laterally and technicians can explore new technologies and maintain existing systems at optimal levels. Small teams are often over-stretched and maintaining a company’s IT is a full time job. Innovation takes a back seat.

Outsourced IT – the Best of Both Worlds

You need more IT assistance but you’re not in a position to hire more in-house technicians. What’s the answer? Outsourcing some of your IT management to a third-party provider will give your existing IT staff the time to focus on the priorities for running and growing your company. A service-level agreement will specify the services you’ll receive and payment is made monthly, which is a manageable way to handle your IT budget. It’s a more cost-effective solution to boost your IT capacity than hiring extra staff.

The experts at Quikteks provide the services required to manage and maintain enterprise-grade solutions for your organization. Whether you’re seeking to outsource the bulk of your IT infrastructure maintenance and management, or seeking to supplement your existing in-house IT expertise, we can assist.

We can free up your team so they can concentrate on realizing your principal business goals. That’s good for your staff and for your bottom line as well. For more information on the technology services we can offer you, call us today at 973882-4644.