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Working from Home Part One: Employees Benefit

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Working from Home Part One: Employees Benefit


They say that home is where the heart is, and thanks to easily accessible remote networking tools, home can also be where your work is. Evidence of just how much employees love working from home can be found in a recent survey of office workers where 25% admitted that they would take a reduction in salary if it meant they could work from home.



As weird as it may seem many people that show such great enthusiasm at work would be just as enthusiastic about working from home. (Even to the point where they’re sacrificing salary to make it happen). However, when you consider the hidden benefits to an employee of working from home you realize that wanting to work from home is not that weird after all. In the next few paragraphs let’s examine these benefits.

Reducing employee commuting costs

the first and obvious benefit for employees comes from reducing the cost associated with commuting to work. Let’s face it, owning a vehicle is a major expense that consumes a big portion of any paycheck. Below is a brief list of expenses associated with car ownership:

  • Car payments.
  • Ever increasing gas prices.
  • Insurance and licensing.
  • Vehicle maintenance expenses.
  • Oversized fuzzy dice.

For a car owner, lowering or limiting these big expenses would be equivalent to getting a significant pay raise. Additionally, employees that only use their car to drive to and from work will have the option to sell their car and increase their bank account. The 25% of employees that would readily take a salary cut for the opportunity to work from home have figured out that the benefit derived from eliminating their car expenses more than compensates for a reduction in salary.

Saving time on commuting to work

In almost every office there are some employees that don’t own a car and commute to work each day by various other means of transportation.  They can also benefit by working from home! Whether you own a car or not, you have to find a way to get to work. Carpooling, walking, biking, and public transportation are all viable commuting options used by employees who are not car owners, but commuting has its own expenses and eats up a resource that’s more precious than even money, time.

It’s estimated that the average commute to work in the United States takes 25 minutes each way. This adds up to almost an hour spent by employees every work day traveling to and from their job. That may not sound too bad, but when you take into consideration the five day work week over the course of a year, then that one little hour turns into more than 10 full days! For many employees in the United States, 10 days is more than what they’re allotted for vacation! An employee that works from home and gets back a little more than a week of their life every year may be more than happy to voluntarily reduce their salary in order to derive that benefit.

Reducing stress
Commuting is stressful. The aggravation of dealing with traffic and the various modes of public transportation, make commuting actually hazardous for one’s health. Stress slowly takes years off a person’s life, and working from home is definitely less stressful than fighting traffic. This can potentially add years to a person’s lifespan.

When it comes to working from home, employees win in a big way. Employers can also benefit from working at home. We will look at the advantages of working at home from the employer’s perspective in our next blog article. Implementing a work from home program can be a big change in your corporate culture, but thanks to remote technology available from Quikteks, transitioning your business to have remote capabilities is easy! With communication solutions like VoIP and mobile devices, an employee can do more than work from home, they can also remote into work from anywhere, like the beach! Give us a call today at 973-882-4644 to learn what it takes to upgrade your business capabilities with remote technology.


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