Managed services have quickly become the best option for businesses of any size, and based on the current crisis, are becoming the only workable option. However, when shopping for an MSP, choose a provider with the following capabilities and service offerings:

Speedy Response Time

Downtime is the natural enemy of any business. Continued interruptions can threaten your survival.

Your provider needs to be able to diagnose and resolve the source of your downtime quickly, ideally remotely, on the spot, with one phone call. Unlike other providers, an MSP can guarantee a quick response time.

Disaster Recovery Services

What qualifies as a disaster? It’s more than the data loss events or physical infrastructure damage that could be caused by a hurricane or a flood. The lost productivity of an entire workforce being ordered to stay home is certainly a disaster. Can your IT provider help you to minimize interruptions and get you back to business as quickly as possible? Your resource will need to have prepared a strategy to minimize the impacts that an event could cause.

Support Options

What about support options for remote employees? To be fully functional, they need to receive support just as if they were in the office. Using remote capabilities, the managed service provider can easily deliver dedicated helpdesk services to your team, maintaining productivity without a house call.

Proactive Upkeep

An MSP can use remote solutions to proactively monitor your infrastructure, catching issues early or even before they happen. Your team will see fewer interruptions.

Budgetary Flexibility

As we can see with the current emergency, things can come up out of nowhere to blow your budget to pieces. It’s helpful to have a provider whose services can be adjusted to suit your circumstances. The MSP’s scalable pricing structure makes it much simpler to sustain services.

With the current emergency, you don’t need issues with your IT support. Quikteks can take problems off your plate and help you get more done. If this sounds good, give us a call at (973) 882-4644. We can help.

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