You’re a small business, and you’re looking at technology in order to keep your operations growing. Many organizations call their services and products “enterprise-level.” Here’s what this term means to you as a SMB.

Starship Enterprise

Enterprises are generally considered large corporations that manage hundreds or even thousands of employees. They have very large technology budgets. These are the companies that spring for top-shelf technology for their IT infrastructure, rather than the off-the-shelf consumer technology typically used by SMBs.

Don’t Try This At Home, Folks

Enterprises need solutions to handle the security and bandwidth of their many users, but, more importantly, their IT needs must be centrally managed and supported. The store-bought router or backup solution that would work for a home-based business won’t work for a business of that size.

So an “enterprise-level” solution is normally a lot more expensive and knowledge-intensive. Implementing solutions like these requires specialized IT technicians who have the necessary specialized training. You really need professional advice before deciding to invest this kind of money in this level of technology.

Big Bucks

Most small and medium-sized businesses can’t afford the up-front costs associated with these enterprise-level solutions. This can lead to saving money in the wrong places; for example, day-to-day tech maintenance which when ignored can result in hardware failure and data loss.

For the Rest of Us

As IT experts in the Greater NYC Area community, Quikteks Tech Support understands how important the latest technology is to maintain your operations. We know how to integrate comprehensive solutions which allow your business to grow, and our technicians can help you improve operations without breaking your budget.

We Can Help

The best part of working with Quikteks Tech Support is that your SMB can take advantage of our enterprise-level technology without paying for high-level IT management. You get the benefits of major technology solutions, and you can use the time and money saved to handle other aspects of your business.

Quikteks Tech Support has invested in providing local SMBs the enterprise-level services they need. Give us a call at (973) 882-4644 for more information about how we can improve the way you do business.

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