We could talk for ages about cloud computing, because it’s a huge topic, but let’s home in on some specific issues. What exactly is cloud management? What is involved in managing your resources when they are based in the cloud?

About Cloud Computing

‘The cloud’ is one of those terms that has multiple meanings, some of which are context-dependent. People in different companies and industries may use the term a little differently, depending on the way in which they use resources and IT solutions for their particular purposes. Some terms that are generally used without much ambiguity are the public cloud, the private cloud and the combination of those that is known as a hybrid cloud.

Typically, companies have embraced cloud computing because it is convenient for data storage and processing, application-hosting and maximizing ease of access to information. These have conferred significant benefits for many organizations. Of course, there’s always a flip side and, although cloud computing makes some processes easier, there are also difficulties that may have to be navigated, which is why it is important to understand cloud management.

Tools for Managing Cloud Resources

There are all kinds of tools available to help you implement and manage your cloud resources and get the most out of cloud solutions. The tools you select will depend on how you use the cloud and what you want your cloud solution to achieve for your business. You can select different levels of resource management tools, and will have options when it comes to things like automation, scaling, compliance, performance monitoring and more. Let’s look at a couple of examples a bit more closely, so you can ensure that you’re implementing best practices:

  • • If you’re looking for scalability, you will need cloud management tools that are compatible with different networking environments, as well as new and changing technology
  • • If compliance is a priority, you will need to know who owns the resources that your organization uses, and what their roles in managing those resources are
  • • If performance management is crucial, you will have to put appropriate status review measures and automatic scaling in place. This is something that should be done before you start, not down the line

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