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5 Tricks For Better Internet Browsing

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5 Tricks For Better Internet Browsing

If you feel like you spend too much time on the internet, you may like to know of some shortcuts that can reduce time spent researching for something specific or comparing different items. We’ve gathered some #internethacks that will help you master the internet. 

That is why you might enjoy some to to make your internet surfing more efficient, you’ll enjoy these 5 internet hacks:

1. Take Advantage of Tabbed Browsing

Navigating the internet with one tab is probably the biggest self-inflicting bottlenecks to your own productivity. Instead of having to load and reload a returning webpage, keep that tab open, and open another link in a new tab. Alternatively, simply hold the Ctrl key when clicking on the link. You will be surprised at how much more information you can consume with multiple tabs open. 
Open New Tab = Ctrl + T

2. The Power of Find

Perhaps one of the most useful functionalities in today’s modern browser, the Find feature is bound to save you some serious hard-earned minutes on your quest for knowledge. Instead of scanning for something specific on a webpage, simply hit Ctrl + F to open the Find box, type your word, and the browser will jump to that section of the page. You’ll thank us later.
Find in Page = Ctrl + F
Mobile devices = Tap Settings ( ) > Find in Page…


3. Be Mindful of the Green Lock

Especially if shopping online, keep an eye out for of the https:// at the beginning of the URL, commonly denoted with a green padlock Never ever enter personal information into a website that isn’t using SSL encryption, even if you know the store owner. 

4. Breeze Through Online Forms 

Navigate through contact forms on websites quickly and easily by hitting the Tab key. This will advance the cursor through each field in sequence, making it much easier to fill out than having to reach for the mouse, click, type, and reach again for every single text field. This way, your hands remain at the keyboard, filling out the form faster. To jump to a previous field, hit Shift + Tab.
Advance to Next Field = Tab
Advance to Previous Field = Shift
+ Tab

5. Useful Browser Shortcuts

You may know the cut, copy, paste keyboard shortcuts, but here are some browser specific shortcuts to help you cruise through the internet.

  • Use F5 or Ctrl+R to refresh the web page.
  • Use Ctrl+B to open the Bookmarks function.
  • Use Ctrl and + or to zoom in or out.


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