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To Hire In-House IT Or Outsource?

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To Hire In-House IT Or Outsource?

Every company has some sort of information technology (IT) needs, which need to be managed as the business develops. Therefore, should you hire a full-time IT manager? Or does it make more sense to hire an outside IT consulting company? Before deciding, first you should determine if you even need full-time IT support.

Many small businesses don’t have a full-time employee dedicated to IT. Those tasks often fall on the person not afraid of computers, servers, or software. That person may likely be younger, an avid computer user, or a hobbyist.

Here are a few signs that you might need to hire a full-time IT employee or consultant:

• The person who handles your tech needs has little to no billable time.
• Your business can’t get work done efficiently because of your tech.
• Your equipment is aging.
• You consistently run into many software issues.
• Clients suffer because of your tech needs/issues.

There are two very viable solutions to dealing with your company’s tech needs. One is to hire an IT expert in-house. Another option is to hire an IT consulting company to do the heavy work. This option is often referred to as “managed services.” Both solutions have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

In-House Employee Consulting Company
Immediately available during business hours IT company can monitor your systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
You are their only client Multiple tech experts that can assist you
They work with your employees on daily basis No training costs to keep up with the constant change of technology
Invent clever ways to help them accomplish their daily tasks with solutions tailored to their individual needs Larger pool of resources
You will not have to plan ahead for extra IT labor costs Can fix issue before office opens in the morning
Flat, predictable costs

Does your company use an in-house IT employee or an outsourced managed service provider? Please let us know below.