Using resources more efficiently can make a big difference to a small business. It can even be the make or break: the difference between sustainability and organizational collapse. In order to be competitive, all businesses today need to be smarter. Data management platforms (DMPs) are solutions l that businesses are embracing, as a way to understand their business, customers and markets better. Could a DMP be helpful to your business?

Managing Data

All businesses generate data. It’s important to treat that data as an asset, and use it for the benefit of the business. When you start looking at comprehensive data management for your business you may find that your data is all over the place. It’s all over your network, on old servers and new servers, on disk and in the cloud. All this data can be collated so that it can be used to help you analyse your business operations.

A first step towards efficient data management is identifying your needs, starting with storage. Centralizing your storage simply, without spending too much, should be the core goal. To make sure you opt for the right data storage solutions for you, or if you need help establishing where all your data is, the IT professionals at Quikteks are here to help. With all your data in one place you’ll be all set to take your data management to the next level.

Data Warehousing

A data warehouse is a centralized database that is the basis of a dynamic business intelligence (BI) platform, which is used for undertaking high-level business analysis (BA). By warehousing your data you’re in a position to use innovative analytics software to crawl your data.

Using BI and BA

They may sound similar, but they’re very different and appreciating that difference is important. The International Institute of Business Analysis defines BA as ‘the practice of enabling change in an organizational context, by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders’. Business analysts use a company’s data to identify and predict areas where there is inefficiency or potential for optimization and help organizations to implement plans for improvements. It’s a way of looking at why a company’s results are the way they are.

In contrast, BI focuses on using your business data to see what your company is actually doing and how it’s doing it. It uses metrics to analyze your data to produce information on past and current business performance, rather than potential performance.

Backup and Recovery

Any data management plan needs to be backed up safely. A backup and recovery strategy should be in place to protect your valuable data. Quikteks offers a backup and recovery service that backs up files incrementally in two locations – locally and in the cloud. This ensures that if disaster does hit, you can be confident of retaining your data and be able to access it quickly.

Is your company data just sitting somewhere, unused? To start utilizing your company data to learn more about your business, reach out to the professional IT consultants at Quikteks. We’ll give you a detailed account of how data management platforms can be useful, and information on backup and recovery tools that can help your organization. For more information, call us today at (973) 882-4644.