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With the Right Preparation, Remote Work Can Add Great Value

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With the Right Preparation, Remote Work Can Add Great Value

There are plenty of benefits to allowing your employees to work from home, but that doesn’t mean you can just implement it without proper planning. You must have a system in place that allows you to enjoy the benefits of remote capabilities while mitigating some of its potential risks.

Benefits of Remote Work

First and foremost, allowing your employees to work from home on occasion is a fundamentally good strategy, as it means that circumstances have a reduced impact on their individual productivity, as well as the productivity of your organization as a whole. For example, if you have an employee who gets sick, they can continue working at home without having to spread germs in the office and risk infecting coworkers.

Of course, the ability to work remotely also allows your traveling salesman to remain productive, and can serve as an invaluable part of a business continuity strategy.

Disadvantages of Remote Work

Despite the benefits to maintaining productivity and avoiding an internal health crisis, there are considerable shortcomings to take into account when discussing a remote work policy. For example, the equipment that your employee has on hand.

Employee Equipment

What would happen if your employee’s home computer died and the important file she was working on was lost? Or their personal systems hacked? Your business files might also be infected or stolen. There are countless other scenarios that could happen between the employee working from home and the results of that work making it back to the office. A lost USB drive, a failed email that went unnoticed, their personal computer being stolen, etc – any of these situations could result in necessary data not being where it needs to be.

Keeping Your Data Intact

You must ensure your data isn’t being exposed to unnecessary risks, while still allowing your employees to be productive while working remotely. Without some assistance from your IT solutions, your employees’ home computers might not be secure enough.

Quikteks can assist you in setting up both of these solutions to enable your employees to maintain their productivity from anywhere, securely. To get started, give us a call at (973) 882-4644 or schedule an free network consultation.