FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2021 — Quikteks Tech Support, a leading business technology solutions provider, today offered a warning to businesses about the increasing threat of email scams. From basic phishing attacks to sophisticated acts of email-borne fraud, the email threat is growing more serious. Quikteks urges businesses large and small to develop and implement robust email security policies while also training employees to make them more aware of potential risks in dealing with email.

“Email, and by extension, the employees who handle email messages, have become one of the most significant areas of vulnerability for the modern business,” explained Quikteks President and CEO Andrew Rich. “People need to be trained to be highly sensitive to messages that contain links and attachments. It’s so easy to make a mistake. Of course, using a powerful email filtering technology can help mitigate the threat to a very great extent before it reaches your employees’ inboxes.”

Industry research reveals a crisis unfolding. According to Vade Secure, for example, a provider of email security software, “Phishing trends during the second half of [2020] ranged from fake internal emails touting new health benefits to run-of-the-mill, password reset emails that exploited the physical gulf between employees and the IT department.” It is extremely difficult for most, if not all, people to detect that something is awry with such messages.

Email is also the most common point of entry for ransomware attacks and other potentially catastrophic scenarios. The Microsoft 365 solution is particularly vulnerable. According to Vade Secure, “Microsoft remains the #1 spoofed brand in phishing attacks due to the growing adoption of Microsoft 365.”

Quikteks offer a number of solutions, including Phishing Awareness Training. Rich added, “If your team is unable to identify incoming email scams, that puts your company in jeopardy of falling victim to potential malware. Let us help you get better at defending yourself against email attacks.”

For help with business technology solutions, including email security countermeasures, please call Quikteks at (973) 882-4644.

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