FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, February 9, 2021 — Quikteks Tech Support today shared guidance on protecting home computers, which are quickly becoming the new weak link in cybersecurity for businesses. As more employees work from home, it is personal devices that are causing risk exposure. Companies should undertake mitigation efforts to reduce vulnerabilities from this expanding attack surface area.

“Of all the disruptions created by the COVID pandemic, the spike in cyberattacks and cyber fraud that we see appear to be having the most impact on businesses,” said Andrew Rich, President and CEO of Quikteks Tech Support. “After all, homes are not under the protective veil of a business network. Kids and spouses that use the same technology that access company data could easily become a point of vulnerability for hackers to exploit.” The company has seen a spike in spyware and malware attacks on its business clients.

Quikteks recommends taking the following action steps:
– Keep business and home technologies separate
– Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for work activities on a home PC.
– Be cautious when using the internet. Watch out for phishing attacks and suspicious hyperlinks.

As Rich noted, technology is effective only if the people operating it understand how to use it correctly. “Employees who do not utilize your technology could be a vulnerability risk,” he added. “Quikteks is here to make sure your team knows how to use your systems properly and to provide solutions when problems occur. Our skilled technicians will gladly assist your employees 24/7 when they need tech support. It does not matter if it is a simple password reset or a complicated hardware issue, we will provide a timely fix for any issues that arise.”

About Quikteks Tech Support
Quikteks is a managed service provider (MSP) that supports businesses with all their technology needs. The firm provides outsourced IT services, with supporting hardware and software, system monitoring, and program installation and updates. The Quikteks team is renowned for its strong customer service and ability to secure clients’ networks with the latest technologies.

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