FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, April 7, 2021 — Quikteks Tech Support, a leading business technology solutions provider, today shared helpful hints for employees working from home. Remote work, which has been a hallmark of the yearlong pandemic, is likely to become a permanent mode of employment for millions of Americans going forward. Quikteks, which is on the front line of supporting remote workers, has developed a set of recommendations to make the home-based employee as productive and comfortable as possible.

“As a local managed service provider, we are in the business of enabling employee productivity with technology,” said Quikteks President and CEO Andrew Rich, “And we’re seeing a lot of issues come up that are not only tech related, but definitely affect how well people perform when they’re not in the office.”

Their experience supporting remote workers has led Quikteks to encourage home-based employees to be deliberate in establishing their workspaces. “We suggest, for example, to avoid opening your laptop while still eating breakfast,” Rich added. “You’ll get into a distracted, possibly upset mood, and work will suffer. Set up a dedicated workspace in the home, if at all possible.” Other suggestions include:

· Stay connected and communicate constantly.
· Identify a productive and consistent schedule that works for the employee.
· Take daily walks outside. Looking at nature and refocusing the eyes on distant subjects helps reduce eye strain.
· Keep children on a set schedule.
· Keep ergonomics in mind.

By following these pointers, people can be effective working outside the office. Quality of life will improve and remote employees will make the best use of their technology.

For help with business technology solutions, including advisory on optimal remote work technology setup, please call Quikteks at (973) 882-4644 or visit Quikteks.com.

About Quikteks Tech Support
Quikteks is a managed service provider (MSP) that supports businesses with all their technology needs. The firm provides outsourced IT services, with supporting hardware and software, system monitoring, and program installation and updates. The Quikteks team is renowned for its strong customer service and ability to secure clients’ networks with the latest technologies.

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