In light of a new report by Panda Security in which the world’s leading provider of cloud-based security solutions cites a dramatic increase in ransomware in the second quarter of 2015, New Jersey computer tech support leader Quikteks is urging small businesses to be proactive and strengthen their cyber security defenses now – not later, when it may be too late to mitigate severe financial damage, or avoid a business-altering catastrophe.

“There has definitely been a major spike in the number of successful ransomware attacks over the last several months involving the notorious CryptoLocker malware and other variants,” commented Andrew Rich, Quikteks’ Founder and CEO. “Our team works tirelessly to ensure that ransomware, as well as other cyber security threats, do not attack our clients and compromise their confidential data.”

In order to protect its growing roster of small business clients, Quikteks implements a customized, cost-effective approach that can include any or all of the following enterprise-level technologies and methods:

  • • Comprehensive anti-virus protection, which is supported by updated definitions and license management.
  • • Firewalls and network protection systems that keep viruses, malware and other cyber threats from infecting the network.
  • • Content filtering that uses customized policies and an intelligent filtering system to automatically detect and block inappropriate content.

“Many cyber criminals are specifically targeting small businesses instead of large enterprises, because they expect to meet with little or no resistance,” added Mr. Rich. “Because of this, it is more important than ever before for small businesses to have a strong, secure cyber security foundation and infrastructure, and to proactively take all necessary steps to keep their data safe. Otherwise, they do more than put their business at risk. They also put their customers and partners at risk, which can lead to significant loss of revenue, severe reputation damage, and lawsuits – any of which can, eventually, put them out of business altogether.”

Quikteks is offering small businesses across New Jersey and the Tri-State area a complimentary assessment, which includes reviewing specific needs and designing the ideal, affordable IT security solution. More information is available at:

For all other information email info(at), phone (973) 882-4644, or visit

About Quikteks

Since 2002, Quikteks has provided cutting edge, reliable and cost-effective business technology solutions to small and medium sized businesses in the Tri-State area. The company’s computer tech support solutions include technical help desk support, computer support and consulting.