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Managed Services Isn’t Just IT Support

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Managed Services Isn’t Just IT Support

More and more businesses are turning to managed IT services because they’re a cost-effective way to keep their business technology running optimally. But do you know about the other services that managed service providers offer, adding value and maximizing their customers’ investment?

The Scope of Managed IT Services

If you’re new to managed IT services, the first thing you need to know is this: Yes, our primary function is IT support, as part of a bundle of services that allow our clients to ensure close-to-optimal continuity of their business technology operations, at a price point that suits them best.
But that doesn’t mean that we fix computers all day. In reality, fixing computers is just one of the many tasks we undertake every day to keep your IT infrastructure operating as it should. So let’s take a look at some of our suite of services. The package of services we offer means that ultimately the service virtually pays for itself, as well as saving you time.

RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management)

Having IT technicians at your business dealing with your computers can be distracting and a drag on your productivity. With RMM we don’t have to descend on your workplace and its big advantage is that we don’t have to react to IT problems as they happen. We’re trying to stop problems from occurring in the first place, and that what secure remote technology allows us to do.

Our enterprise-grade, state-of-the art technology will constantly monitor your IT infrastructure and network. This allows us to detect issues and if any item of equipment isn’t performing as it should then we fix it before it turns into a bigger problem that causes downtime – which can be damaging to your operations and your profits. This proactive management is the most valuable aspect of our service. It saves businesses money, time and disruption.

If you could reduce the probability of getting into situations that create downtime, and achieve that at a fraction of the cost of a team of in-house IT staff, why wouldn’t you? It’s a no-brainer, because managed services providers deliver more bang for your buck. And there’s more…

Regular Assessments and Reviews

Business technology changes fast. If you’re going to invest in technology, you don’t want to discover shortly afterwards that there’s something better, or more suited to your requirements, about to become available. Managed services providers are in the business of staying ahead of the game. That expertise gets passed on to clients. Keeping you in the loop means that you can make the best possible tech decisions.

At Quikteks we conduct regular reviews so that your IT can do the max for your business. About every quarter we’ll schedule a meeting or a call, so that we can keep assessing your needs and goals for the months ahead. This allows us to help you to make the best decisions regarding technology investments and ensures that any previous or emerging issues are managed properly.

Vendor Management

After tech planning, there’s your tech investment itself. Vendor management is a simple measure that can be extremely helpful to your business. How much time do you spend dealing with technology vendors? Do they always have your best interests at heart or are they always trying to sell you more equipment? Sometimes they can alert you to useful investments, but sometimes it’s all about making more sales.
Vendor management takes this burden off you. As the point of contact for your technology vendors, we will cut through the hard sell and technical detail, to make sure you get what you need. You can separate yourself from this time-consuming aspect of modern business and devote yourself to running your operations.

Patch Management

Without software there’d be no business technology and it needs to be maintained. Specifically, it needs to regularly updated, or it might open up a vulnerability in your security that can be exploited by hackers. You don’t want cybercriminals stealing your data or planting malware on your system. Patch management means that updates are applied in good time, so your system stays safe.

BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery)

A backup and disaster recovery solution that meets industry best practices is one of the most important services we offer as a managed services provider. We can supply you with full or partial backup programs. With a network-attached BDR you can speedily restore if necessary but, in case of a more serious problem, you also get incremental backups that are securely stored in the cloud. This strong protection against data loss will help ensure your business continuity.

Yes, We Do Fix Computers!

Maintaining all the different elements of your network and IT infrastructure is at the heart of what we do, and that does sometimes involve fixing hardware if it fails. If that happens, our IT professionals will visit your premises to fix any hardware that needs attention.

To learn more about our professional managed IT services, or to discuss your business technology goals, call Quikteks for advice on (973) 882-4644.

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