FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, June 22, 2021 — As more companies open their doors back up to in-office employees, experts at one local IT company are offering guidance on how to accommodate a mix bag of remote and in-office employees.

Quiktek’s founder and CEO Andrew Rich said that the transition can be manageable with the right approach. He and his team have compiled a list of the best practices for managing remote employees, including the following:

Have clear expectations: Set and communicate expectations with your remote employees early and often.

Stay organized: Use project management software and strategies to ensure that the team is organized. Remain flexible to accommodate sudden changes.

Track your team’s progress: Being able to celebrate milestones can create a sense of accomplishment while helping everyone stay on the same page about
task completion.

Lead by example: Managers who are also working remotely can model for their teams how to stay on target and communicate effectively at a distance.

Listen and communicate intently: Use all the available technology tools to ensure that you are communicating frequently and clearly with your team members.

Be available: With the right communications software and hardware, you can always be a quick direct message or zoom meeting away from your team.

Avoid micromanaging: Give your remote team the space and freedom to complete their tasks at their own pace.

Rich said Quikteks’ managed IT experts are prepared to help businesses in the Tri-State area transition to remote work.

“We want to be a trusted guide so business can continue to operate successfully”, he said. “Call us to learn more on how to set up your remote team.”

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