You’ve probably heard about managed IT if you’re a business owner. Outsourced IT services are becoming more and more popular because it’s an ideal way to gain value while cutting costs. If you bring in IT help as and when problems occur you’ll almost certainly end up paying more, and missing out on the advantages that managed IT services offer. So, if you’re thinking of investing in managed IT services, let’s look at some of the most important things you’ll need to consider.

Reaction Speed is Key

When you need IT assistance you need to know that the service provider will respond fast. Downtime costs money and you don’t want to hang around waiting for your system or hardware items to return to full functionality. At Quikteks we don’t just provide speedy service – we go one better. Our service isn’t just about reacting to IT issues, but providing a proactive service to catch problems before they happen. With our cutting edge management software we monitor and maintain your system, manage your hardware, ensure you have the right software patches look after the integrity of your network.

Our proactive approach means that if anything that goes wrong we’re able to restore your systems fast – but we work on the principle that preventing problems in the first place is even better than curing them.

Disaster Recovery Platforms

You should have a disaster recovery platform in place. In reality, most business owners aren’t IT professionals and may not be able to recognize a disaster in progress. Quikteks can provide you with a comprehensive IT services platform. Our managed IT service includes comprehensive BDR (back and disaster recovery) built in. Our certified IT professionals are hugely experienced in resolving a huge variety of issues, so whether you have problems with malware, malfunctions caused by user error or some kind of large-scale disaster, they have the knowledge and skill to get your system running again.

Support for Staff

Computer problems go with the territory. Even IT professionals aren’t immune to encountering weird glitches and having to troubleshoot. Your employees may forget their passwords. Perhaps the computer they’re using is making strange and ominous noises. Maybe the printer refuses to print. Quikteks offers a comprehensive help desk service, so your staff can quickly get expert remote help. About 98% of computer problems can be resolved with professional help on tap.

IT Budgeting

Our experienced professionals have seen just about everything and their expertise can help you beyond IT problem-solving. We can help draw up your annual IT budget, down to the small detail. Business owners should have a strategy that covers a range of IT matters, from supporting staff to servicing equipment and managing software and cloud vendor agreements. We will help you put together a cost-effective budget for your IT needs going forward.

Get Peace of Mind with Quikteks Managed IT Services

If you don’t already have managed IT services, it’s really well worth considering. If you do, you should be aware that not all providers are equal. At Quikteks we are proud to provide our clients in New York or New Jersey with a service that gives them peace of mind. To find out more about what we can do for you, call us today at (973) 882-4644.

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Discover the essential insights to safeguard your business from failure and gain invaluable knowledge, expert advice, and proven strategies that every business owner must know.