Most business depend heavily on their IT systems. Making sure it works as it should is important to avoid downtime, which can affect your bottom line. A server crash can be frustrating for everyone, and getting your business back on line can be expensive. Does your IT company do what it should, or does it cash in on your urgent need for help, by saddling you with large computer repair bills?

Adding Insult to Injury

Traditionally, computer repairs were carried out on a break-fix basis. It breaks, they fix it, and you pay accordingly. The problem is that this is a boon for unprincipled IT providers, because it gifts them endless opportunities to take advantage of your desperation. Something is fixed, then something else malfunctions, and you’re stuck in a cycle of endlessly forking out for computer repairs. Your misery is their profit.
There’s another problem with the break-fix model too. Your custom is what keeps IT companies going. That means there’s little incentive for them to prevent your IT system from failing. A virus or server failure are stressful and disruptive for you, but a goldmine for them.

The problem is: how do you tell whether a break-fix repair company is taking you for a ride? It’s worth considering the relationship you have with your IT repair provider. Do you only speak when a problem has cropped up? If so, you may have a problem. It might be time to switch to a company who is there to provide your technology with better quality support.

The Answer: Managed IT Service by Quikteks

For better computer maintenance, we recommend you move away from the break-fix model. Outsource your IT service to Quikteks and you can be confident your best interests will be served. With managed IT service you don’t receive a bill for every computer repair that your system requires, and our proactive approach means that we work continuously to keep your IT working properly. That’s very different from waiting for it to crash before action is taken.

With managed IT service, you pay a monthly flat rate. You receive ongoing IT attention and there are no unexpected bills and expensive shocks to your budget. It’s an all-you-can-eat approach to technology, that provides ongoing maintenance instead of crash management. You know in advance what your basic IT expenditure will be and you can divert funds that were previously spent on large pay-as-you-go repair bills to grow other areas of your business.

As you grow, you may need additional equipment, which will also require maintenance. With a managed IT service there’s a synergy, with benefits for you and us. Your growth helps us to grow and vice versa. We will regularly assess your organization’s IT requirements and work with you on ways to meet them. We can also advise you on the IT solutions you can take advantage of, so that your business can continue to thrive.

The Smart IT Support Solution

Your success is at the heart of what we do. We go above and beyond in order to keep your IT systems operating properly. We aim to ensure that you are never faced with serious IT problems that interrupt your business operations and negatively affect your profitability. Because we can monitor your system and carry out maintenance remotely, we can alert you to IT problems at an early stage, instead of picking up the pieces after they have caused disruption and additional expense.

We don’t parachute in when your IT has failed, and then take off again. Our approach is more like a partnership, based on trust. That’s why you can be confident that Quikteks isn’t profiteering off your IT misfortunes. For more information on outsourcing and our managed IT service, give our trusted IT professionals a call at (973) 882-4644.

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