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Is the Cloud Over Complicating Your Business?

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Is the Cloud Over Complicating Your Business?

The cloud is used by most of us now, at home and at work. Cloud computing offers all sorts of amazing benefits, especially in the realm of business IT. Organizations can manage their resources far more easily, as opposed to hosting them in-house. But it’s not all simple and straightforward. Some companies have had to deal with an unexpected consequence, which has come to be known as ‘cloud sprawl’, which can lead to unnecessary and unwelcome expenses.

About Cloud Sprawl

Use of the cloud can grow and grow, and businesses can lose track of what they’re actually spending on cloud computing. It’s so easy to sign up for a cloud solution because you need a particular software application for a specific task on a time-limited project. As time goes on, more people get involved and there are more and more accounts. The problem comes in down the line, when the project is wrapped up and the cloud subscriptions allied to it are a receding memory. If these accounts aren’t cancelled in good time, you could discover a while later that you’ve paid out considerable sums for tools you’re no longer using.

You might think this doesn’t sound like a car crash. The reality is that these expenses can accumulate. Let’s say it happens in relation to several projects, and is then repeated as time goes on. It’s a waste of money and can easily be avoided if you are forward-thinking and document your cloud usage.

We suggest that you map your computing infrastructure, in a way that factors in present and future infrastructure projects and plans. With an infrastructure map it will be easier to allocate and adjust cloud resources and control the associated expenses.

About Cloud Complexity

The cloud as a computing environment, and the software- as-a-service model, can be very cost-effective. However, the same isn’t necessarily true for the various solutions that use the cloud. There are applications that deal with sensitive data that must comply with regulations to meet security standards. This is one complication that can arise when using the cloud, and it can involve additional expenditure.

Another problem businesses may encounter relates to migrating away from an on-site IT infrastructure. Usually, businesses want to be able to work the same way as before, but using the cloud may require adjustments and reconfiguration. To maintain the functionality that a business enjoyed with its original setup may mean that a significant part of the legacy infrastructure has to be maintained, working in parallel with the new cloud platform. Not only is this inefficient, but it can also introduce security issues.

When you move to the cloud, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about compatibility and compliance issues. The cloud has considerable flexibility and options, so you can adapt it to suit your requirements. Nevertheless, you’ll still be dealing with multiple components that need to be properly managed and monitored if cloud computing is going to be a cost-effective solution for your organization.

About Cloud Security

A well-known complication of using the cloud is that users don’t have much control over the underlying infrastructure. One problem that has arisen is that many platforms only require a single sign-on. This may make things easy but it’s a security headache for the IT professionals in charge of an organization’s infrastructure security. Although cloud security is good, and isn’t something to panic about, additional steps to ensure security are a good idea. Here are some things you can do.

  • • A backup and recovery solution is important, whether you use the cloud for your business IT or not. Cloud systems can be attacked by hackers, and sometimes are. It’s always important to plan for problem scenarios, and a good backup and recovery plan will give you extra peace of mind.
  • • Multi-factor authentication can be implemented by businesses using cloud platforms, even if many cloud platform providers offer the single sign-on option as standard. MFA should be used for more effective security.
  • • Encryption is an excellent aid to ensure the safety of your data. No matter where you store your data, encryption offers vital protection and is one of the best ways to keep your data secure.

Though moving to a cloud platform may offer a few challenges, it’s a game changer for many people and a valuable addition to your business IT. If you want to implement the cloud, Quikteks can help you do it effectively. Call us today at (973) 882-4644.

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