Modern office technology makes it possible for workers can perform their daily duties anytime, anywhere. Hiring remote workers makes sense; employers get the talent they need without being limited by geographical location or having to supply a workstation. Unfortunately, finding a good candidate is not a given.

Here are some questions that you should consider asking anyone you’re interviewing for a remote position.

“Do You Have Remote Work Experience?”

One of the easiest ways to judge whether an employee can perform well remotely is if they have experience doing so, but it’s not necessarily a deal-breaker. Consider both their qualifications and experience. A qualified remote worker will quickly grow accustomed to the specific demands of their position, and if they can form good remote working habits, you’ll have an employee you can count on.

“What Tools Do You Have Experience With?”

As well as the tools he or she will need for the job, the remote worker needs to be able to adapt to new technology solutions, and they should have some experience working with online collaboration tools like email, cloud computing, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and instant messaging.

“What is Your Home Office Like?”

If you’re hiring a remote worker, it’s reasonable to ask them about the environment they work in, because it should be conducive to the success of the employee’s remote work experience. It should include the technology needed to facilitate productivity, and minimal distractions. Be ready with minimum technology requirements for the required position, broadband, etc.

“Can You Regulate Your Own Schedule?”

Remote workers need to to be able to self- regulate their hours. This is a skill that experienced remote workers acquire to survive. Ask them about their daily routines, when they take lunch, and what their habits are during the day. You need to ensure that your remote workers will produce, and be available when you need them to be.

“How Do You Handle Problems?”

If a remote worker runs into trouble somewhere on a project, can they troubleshoot the issue and resolve it efficiently? Remote workers don’t have the advantage of being in an office full of people who might have answers for them. Remote workers should have the tools to contact the person who can help them, whether it’s your in-house IT department or an outsourced IT provider. We can help.

Make Quikteks a Resource

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