As cybercriminals become more sophisticated in their methods of attack, it is all the more crucial to protect the safety of your company, staff and reputation. In order to spot and avoid these attacks, however, everyone must get involved.

Invoice Impersonation Attack

Unfortunately, because of their sophistication, it’s getting harder to spot, and avoid, these attacks. As a result, we’ve seen a rise in the use of an attack vector known as an invoice impersonation attack. In this case, a cybercriminal will send a message under an assumed name (such as a contact in the office) that includes an invoice number, hyperlink, and possibly an attachment to download the invoice.

Warning Signs

To avoid falling victim to an invoice impersonation attack, or any other form of email phishing or, your entire staff must participate and keep their eyes out for the warning signs. How to Spot A Phishing Email

Common Warning Signs

How to Protect Your Business (with the Help of Your Employees)

Phishing attacks, including invoice impersonation attacks, rely on their target to trust the content enough to not question if the sender is who they say they are. As such, they can be avoided with a little mindfulness on the part of your employees.

When going through your email:

  • • Stay alert
  • • Be skeptical
  • • Do not click obliviously
  • • When it doubt, ask your IT staff

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Nevertheless, you should also have updated spam filters and malware blockers installed to prevent these messages from reaching your staff in the first place. This is where Quikteks Tech Support can help.

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