What To Do If You Clicked On A Phishing Email

Phishing Emails

What To Do If You Clicked On A Suspicious Email


1. Remain Calm

If you clicked on a malicious link, the best thing to do is remain calm. Panicking is usually followed by “emotional clicking”, which could spread the virus faster if you click on the wrong buttons or select the wrong settings. Take a deep breath and proceed to step 2.


2. Disconnect/Unplug from the Internet

Stop the spread of any potential threat on your computer by disconnecting from your network. Sign off from your Wi-Fi network or unplug the Ethernet cord.

  Notify your managed service provider of the incident.
Quikteks number: (973) 882-4644.

3. Backup Files

Backup your important or irreplaceable files and folders. Use a USB thumb drive if necessary.

  If your company already has an automatic backup solution, you only need to backup your most recent files since the last backup.
Data Backup | Quikteks

4. Run A Malware Scan

If you already have an anti-virus program installed, run it. Ignore any messages asking to connect to the internet. If you don’t have an anti-virus program, we recommend installing Malwarebytes.

  If the anti-virus scan identifies any threats, it will ask if you want to remove or quarantine the threats, in which case you say Yes or Continue.

5. Change Your Credentials

If you got tricked into entering any information to an untrusted source, update your credentials immediately. If you need help generating new passwords, we’ve gathered a way to memorize complex passwords

  Be skeptical of every incoming email.

6. Set Up Fraud Alert

Contact your banks or financial institutions and set up fraud alerts. If you prefer to do this online, use a separate computer.


7. Be Alert

“Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, …”

Use the tools below to learn more about phishing emails and how to combat against them.

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