Do you stay on top of your IT equipment? We’ve written a lot about data theft, but for some thieves, it may be easier to make off with a device containing valuable company information than hack a firewall. A good lock might not be enough. Better security measures might range from something as simple as making a list of equipment to implementing complex security solutions.

Isolate Your Technology

Keep all of your company’s technology in one designated area. You can then either only allow area access to trusted personnel, or install a camera in the area.

Take Inventory

This may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised. Take inventory and update it on a regular basis. Keep track of it with check-ins and check-outs. If you have a working inventory system, thieves know that they won’t have a lot of time to go through your data before you shut down access.
When taking inventory, don’t just focus on the major pieces of technology like your network devices. Cover the smaller pieces of equipment too, like USB cables, headphones, and keyboards. These items are often innocently taken by workers in a hurry from the IT closet, but then they disappear. Multiple instances like this add up.

Secure Your Perimeter

Here are a few options suggested by Processor magazine to keep your IT equipment safe:
Theft prevention ideas include installing perimeter fencing, limiting entry and exit points, and installing security cameras. For the server rooms, use card readers at doors, and consider floor-to-ceiling turnstiles or man traps for very sensitive areas. Never let non-employees walk through the site unescorted. Store unused equipment and cables in locked rooms. Audit your IT equipment regularly.

Digital Surveillance

Quikteks can offer your business security solutions that can protect your company’s data and your physical equipment. Let us talk to you about our digital surveillance solutions. You can lock down your belongings and monitor your perimeter remotely with your own network of security cameras.

Every business has different security needs, so the first step we take is a security audit. Our IT professionals will go in and assess your office environment, looking for practical security measures that will work well for you. To ensure that your company’s technology is protected to the max, give Quikteks a call at (973) 882-4644.