To use technology effectively, you absolutely have to have enough data storage. Not having the right amount of storage space tends to be an issue with many businesses. Today, we’ll ask some questions that should help you get a handle on how much storage space your business needs.

Business Data

Everything your business does creates data. Data is emails, invoices, and every documented move your business makes. It all has to be stored in a way that is accessible, usable, and secure. Like everything in the tech field, data storage is evolving.

The Traditional Data Storage Model

Data storage has traditionally been made up of three tiers; storage facilities, servers that allow users to search them, and a network interface that allows more users access to the data.

Given the investment required for a model like this, a business would need to be able to accurately predict their data storage needs about five years out. Especially today, when data use is increasing exponentially, that’s not easy.

A More Scalable Model

More recent options provide a more flexible, simpler solution. Hyperconvergence is an IT framework which reduces data center complexity and improves the scalability of physical hardware, so it can accommodate businesses as they expand or contract. There are also many cloud options that deliver all the data storage you need for a reasonable monthly payment.

What to Look For

There are definitely options out there, but how do you determine the best package for your business? Here are four questions you should ask:

  • What capacity do I need? – Today’s cloud solutions are more scalable, but consider how much storage your company needs to purchase.
  • What are my performance needs? – Some options are faster and some offer largerstorage capabilities. Knowing how you plan on using your applications and databases will help you choose the best solutions for you.
  • What does my current IT look like? – What infrastructure do you already have in place? Knowing your current data storage needs will help you determine how they will grow in the future.
  • How will you handle your backups? – Every business has to have a data backup and recovery plan. If you depend on data,- and we all do, you can’t afford to lose any of it. Your comprehensive backup and recovery plan will dictate how any new data storage will look.

Data is increasingly valuable. It can make you money if you use it well, and it can cost you money if it is stolen. Finding a data storage solution that is accessible, secure, and meets your capacity needs is a task that you should take very seriously.

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