Two is better than one for many things in life, but with smartphones having two can be a hassle. Lots of people have to juggle with using both a work-issued phone and a personal cell phone. There is a solution – you can merge your mobile devices and sync your apps. Here are some tips to get on top of the multi-phone dilemma.

Forward Your Calls

Do you use one (or both) of your phones purely because you need it to answer calls? There’s an easy way to fix this so you only have to carry one. Almost all cell phones have a call forwarding feature, so you can send calls to another phone. Here’s how to set it up on an Android phone (different versions of Android may vary). Go to Phone app > Call settings > Additional settings > Call forwarding. You then have the option to set up your phone to send calls to your second phone. You just need to enter the phone number. If necessary, it’s easy enough to turn it off, or if required, reverse it, to send calls from phone #2 to phone #1.

Using Multiple Accounts on One Phone

If you didn’t know this – it’s possible to set up multiple accounts on the same phone. To avoid carrying two phones you can add your work account to your personal phone, or vice versa. If you’re doing this you’ll need to check that your company security protocols allow you to do this, in the interests of keeping work data safe. If you go this route then take care when setting it up, so that calendar and email accounts aren’t mixed up.

Use the Cloud to Sync Your Apps

No matter what combination of multiple devices is complicating your life, the cloud can be the answer, because you can sync your apps. It might be two phones, or one phone and a PC or tablet. To streamline your device usage then there are lots of apps that you can sync using the cloud. They include Dropbox, Office 365, Google Drive, iCloud, and more. That way your data is always accessible from whichever device you have to hand.

If you merge your mobile devices you can make your digital life a whole lot easier. If you’re not having to carry several devices around with you then it’s easier to keep track of them, so that they don’t get lost and the chances of them being stolen are reduced. Again – always remember that care is required to make sure sensitive data can’t be leaked and you’re in compliance with your workplace security policies.

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