What is inventory management for? It’s not just itemizing what equipment you have and whether it’s still all there. In fact, it’s about making sure that your IT assets are properly maintained and working optimally. So it’s a lot more than making a list of computers and peripherals. It should include what needs to be updated, which licenses require renewal and checking your IT resources against the goals of your organization. A more accurate way to describe it is asset management that is tailored specifically to your business needs – and it’s a very important thing to do. To help you with your IT inventory management we’ve put some tips together for you.

#1 – Be Proactive and Consistent

Perhaps your IT inventory management is done when and as you need it, like before an office move or some other prompt. Actually, you should do the opposite, and regularly. For proper maintenance, you need to be more rigorous, or even aggressive, about it.

Think of it like this. If you had to have a surprise compliance audit today, would your business pass? If the answer is yes, congratulations. The chances are good that your IT resources are well maintained and optimized, allowing you to do what you need to do without too many problems.

#2 – Practice End-to-End Tracking

Your inventory management should comprehensively track all of your IT assets, from day one. Your records should cover the life of your devices and IT resources from the day you buy them to the day you stop using them. Your records will give you an excellent map of your system and its components.

#3 Track Permissions, Avoid Penalties

Some businesses will find ways to share a single software license across their operations. Software developers don’t like this and audits and watchdog groups often find businesses exploiting loopholes. You might not technically be in breach of requirements, but you need to have proof that you’re in compliance. Otherwise, you could be hit with penalties, including fines. Properly maintained records of your IT assets, including purchase receipts and licensing agreements, are essential to be able to do this.

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