At Quikteks we are always worried about viruses, but today let’s talk about what you can do to keep actual viruses away from you and your technology.

Microorganisms like the COVID-19 thrive in the office environment. With many people in a confined space, there are many ways that we can be infected.

Research shows that the average office phone is covered with 25,000 different kinds of bacteria, the average keyboard has 3,000 per square inch, and the mouse has about 15,000. The average toilet has less than 300 per square inch.

Decontaminate Your Workstation

If you have a cleaning service, spot cleaning between cleanings can still go a long way towards keeping your office sanitary. Wiping services with soap and water, and cleaning up spills also makes for a nicer work environment.

Cleaning your computing components is a different deal.

Disinfecting Wipes

Disinfecting wipes are very useful for safely wiping down surfaces you touch or breathe on, but may sure they contain disinfectant. They have been in short supply lately; some people even made their own with cloth wipes and a bleach solution.

Clean surfaces like door handles, light switches, phones, chairs, keyboards, and mice daily to sanitize your office. Make sure to disinfect high-traffic areas like the staff refrigerator, vending machines, coffee machines, and the microwave.

Encourage Hygiene

The biggest thing your staff can do to prevent contamination is to attend to personal hygiene. Everyone in the office needs to wash their hands frequently; not just after using the bathroom. Make sure everyone has access to hand sanitizer, bleach wipes, and wears PPE if appropriate to promote a safe workplace.

If anyone feels sick they need to stay home from the office or work remotely if possible. It’s a good idea to keep a thermometer at the office.

Better Sanitation is Just a Good Idea

While the COVID-19 pandemic is making us think about these issues, we should be paying more attention to office health in general. Nobody wants to get sick, and absenteeism is bad for business, so everyone has a reason to keep their workspace as clean as possible.

What does your company do to promote staff health? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and stay safe!