Microsoft Word has some very useful but little known commands that can be helpful when you are working on a project. Sometimes you find it necessary to retrace your steps. To help you find where you were in a document Microsoft Word has a Go Back command. This feature is not very well known and for this week’s tip, we’ll show you how to use it.

To find out “where in the Word you are,” simply activate the Go Back command with one easy-to-remember keystroke: [Shift]+[F5].

Bookmark Your Last Spot with Go Back
One of the best times to utilize Word’s Go Back command is when you first open a large document that’s frequently being used. Instead of having to sift through the many pages to locate where you last left off (which could be challenging if it’s been a while since you last opened the project), simply use the Go Back command as soon as you open the document. You will then find your cursor located where you last left it; kind of like a bookmark.

The Difference Between Go Back and Undo.
You may be thinking, “Doesn’t Undo, [Ctrl]+[z], perform the same function?” There are a couple of differences worth noting between the two commands. First, when a user selects Undo, the work previously done is deleted. The Undo command is something that all of us error-prone users are extremely grateful for and frequently use, but sometimes you may just want to go back a few steps without deleting your work.

Another difference between Undo and Go Back in Word has to do with memory. Undo can go back as many steps as your computer’s memory will allow, while Go Back only lets the user go back four steps, which meets the needs of most PC users.

Learning new tips, keystrokes, and shortcuts like this allows you to use Word more efficiently and helps you to complete projects quicker allowing you to get more done in the workday. Do you know of any other lesser-known keystrokes in Microsoft Office that can help you be more productive? Share them with us in the comments, and keep an eye on our blog for a new tip every week!