The mouse pointer is essential to navigating around your screen. Without it, you’d struggle to open applications, move around Office documents, create images, and countless other functions. Just like many other features in Windows 10, you can customize how your mouse pointer looks and functions, making it much easier to maneuver around your system.

There are two ways you can change your mouse pointer in Windows 10: through the Control Panel and via Settings.

Through the Control Panel

To access the Control Panel, simply right-click the Start menu and select Control Panel. (Or enter ‘control panel’ into the search box.) Once it opens, navigate to ‘Ease of Access’. From here you need to click on ‘Change how your mouse works’. This will open a window that allows for mouse and cursor customization.

This should open up a window named ‘Make the mouse easier to use’. You’ll see several options for changing the way your mouse looks. In the Mouse pointers section, you’ll be able to change the size and color of your mouse. There’s black, white, and even an inverting option, that changes the color of your mouse pointer depending on the background it’s hovering over. Once you’ve completed your changes, click OK.

Through the Settings App

You can also make the same changes through the Settings app. Use the keyboard shortcut WIN key + I to open the Settings app (or type ‘settings’ in the search box). Continue to Ease of Access. From the menu on the left, select ‘Cursor and pointer size’. From here, you can change your mouse pointer size and color, just as you would if you accessed these features through the Control Panel.

You can use also use the numeric keypad on the right side of your keyboard to move your mouse. Of course, this also means that you won’t be able to use the number pad and so it might not be something you’d want to do, but it’s still an option.

The mouse pointer might not be the first thing you’d think about customizing, but it can be helpful (and fun) to do so. By increasing the size of the pointer or altering its color you’ll be able to see it more easily on the screen, which means you won’t ever have to waste time hunting it down.

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