Cloud computing is a great innovation that’s changing how businesses operate. As with many innovations, some people will be wary or reluctant to embrace it. For cloud computing to work optimally in your business you’ll need your staff on board. Here are three objections to using the cloud and ways to overcome resistance to using the cloud and persuade your team that it’s a wonderful tech solution and the way to go.

‘The Cloud? What’s That?’

You can’t use it if you don’t know what it is – or, for people who like things the way they are, don’t want to know. It can be daunting to learn new IT systems, so it’s understandable. Cloud computing can be confusing if you’re not proficient with computers. Clear explanation of its benefits is essential to combat resistance to the cloud. If people understand how it works and how it can benefit your business then you’re almost there.

‘But I don’t like the cloud’

There actually are people out there who just don’t like the cloud. They might not have good reasons for disliking it, but the fact is that if they refuse to use your cloud solution it will stop you from being able to move forward. Negative attitudes can also spread through your office, which can become a problem if you’re trying to implement a new solution.

‘What’s so special about the cloud?’

You want people to be enthusiastic about innovations in the way your business works. That’s less likely to happen if people just aren’t interested and can’t see that the cloud is a game-changer, with exciting features and possibilities. Accentuate the positive and you can convince people that it’s good for the business. Take care to address the concerns of staff who feel that older technology may be more reliable, or who take the view that if current systems aren’t broken, why fix them? This mindset can be an obstacle to your business adopting IT systems that are more efficient.

How to Bring Everyone on Board

New ways of working can be frustrating to implement at the best of times, even with an enthusiastic team. Explaining what cloud computing can add to your business is a great starting point, but it helps to emphasize that what’s good for the business is ultimately good for staff too. You can use the analogy of getting rid of old furniture and replacing it. That old couch may seem like an old friend, but is it worth putting up with the springs sticking through the upholstery and into your back?

Fear of the unknown and untried can be overcome with information, training and reassurances. Quikteks can help your team better understand your new technology. We firmly believe that understanding technology fosters more user satisfaction and enjoyment. We can educate your staff on how to take advantage of your technology solutions. To learn more, give us a call at (973) 882-4644.

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