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How IaaS is Shaping The IT World

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How IaaS is Shaping The IT World

b2ap3_thumbnail_iaas_and_your_business_400.jpgThe International Data Corporation (IDC) recently stated that the fastest growing sector of cloud computing is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). IaaS allows technology end users to use Internet connections to tap into entirely virtualized computing systems in order to get their work done. This cloud service is changing the way we do IT. Is it time for your business to join in?

IaaS is just one branch of services offered via the revolutionary cloud. Additional cloud services include firewall protection, IP address provision, load balancing, virtual disk library imaging, file storage, virtual local area networks (VLANs), software bundling, and more. IaaS has become a powerful technological asset for any-size business because the costs are scalable to the used services. This means that small businesses can reap the same infrastructure benefits as enterprise-level businesses, but only pay for what they use. Through the cloud, IaaS can provide your business with your own IT infrastructure.

How IaaS Can Save You Money
It would be fair to assume that having a separate company host your mission critical IT infrastructure offsite would be more costly, but this is actually not true for a few reasons. For instance, data centers are able to efficiently scale enterprise-level infrastructure hardware and software to your business without any major additional expenses. Also, through cloud virtualization, computing resources such as CPU, RAM, and storage space can be rationed out from the data center according to your needs. Managing hardware and software through IaaS is extremely cost effective because each data center has onboard technicians that maintain the infrastructure, meaning you don’t need to hire an IT guy to come to your business and fix your stuff. Ultimately, minimizing your responsibilities while maximizing your potential is a great way to save money using IaaS.

The Future of IaaS
Cloud solutions such as IaaS are becoming increasingly available for businesses of any size as well as for personal use at cheaper rates. It’s safe to say that IaaS is quickly changing the way we do IT. The possibilities and benefits of streaming your operations via IaaS seem endless; manage content for clients, process large chunks of data for quick analytics, rapid IP assignments, and much more. This kind of technology service could be a game changer for any small and mid-size business.

The cloud market is projected to reach the $100 billion mark this year, and IaaS is certainly a contributing factor to the success. The need for big data analytics is also set to triple within the next three years. IaaS is the next “big thing” for business technology as companies look to stay competitive in their various markets and save on IT expenses. To learn more about how your business can benefit from IaaS, call Quikteks at PHONENUMBER today!


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