The ability to share files easily is a wonderful thing for effective working in the modern office. If your business uses Office 365 then you and your employees can share files using Microsoft’s cloud storage, OneDrive. It makes it simple for staff to upload, sync and share documents and folders. This is all good, but how are your staff sharing company documents? In the interests of security, you can control how this happens.

Users can share files or folders by logging into OneDrive. The next step is to right-click on the file and then click ‘Share’.

Sharing files can be done in various ways. It can be sent to an email address, or the link can be shared using email or instant messaging. The default setting allows a user who has the link to alter the document. However, the sender can change the default so the document can be viewed but not edited.

That’s how it works for sharing files and folders that are accessed one by one. But there’s also the option to control document sharing by tweaking the global settings.

Controlling the Way Files are Shared in OneDrive

The administrator of the OneDrive account needs to sign into their account at The next steps are as follows:

  • • Look for ‘Admin centers’ on the left hand side and click ‘SharePoint’. This will take you to a new Sharepoint admin center. If it takes you to the old one then you may need to click the new one to open it.
  • • Under ‘Policies’, on the left hand side, click on ‘Sharing’. You will now be seeing the global settings for all accounts.
  • • To manage the settings for individual users, go to ‘Users’ and then select ‘Active Users’. Pick the user whose options you want to manage. Each user will have a OneDrive tab that also has options for sharing.

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