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How AI Can Be Used to Make Your Business More Efficient

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How AI Can Be Used to Make Your Business More Efficient

Of the range of technologies introduced into mainstream computing in the last few years there’s one that really stands out as innovative: artificial intelligence (AI for short). It’s not like the stereotype rooted in science fiction, where rogue machines are out to get us. AI is a component of some very useful software. For businesses, AI offers various benefits, especially around efficiency and productivity.

Boosting Cybersecurity

AI has proved hugely helpful when it comes to identifying and neutralizing the cyberthreats that businesses have to protect against. One of the problems is false alarms. Responding to alerts that turn out to be nothing of concern takes time, energy and resources, and IT staff have more important things to do. AI fills the gap. It can be used to identify real threats and actual security breaches, as well as finding vulnerabilities and malicious code in your IT system. This makes your cybersecurity more effective and simplifies the work of your IT professionals.

Improving Customer Service

Automation, which is one dimension of artificial intelligence, has made a major contribution in the field of customer relations in recent years, with chatbots and other value-adding solutions for businesses. In fact, many businesses would now struggle to offer a high level of customer service without this capability. The technology has developed so much that many customers don’t initially realize that they’re communicating with a machine because the interface has become so sophisticated and effective.

Operational Efficiency

Automation is providing businesses of all sizes with solutions that help to streamline their operations. AI is being applied to a wider range of industries and its capabilities and usefulness are growing all the time, allowing businesses to boost productivity. AI is especially useful for handling mundane, repetitive tasks that can slow operations down. Not only can it enhance operational efficiency, but it typically helps businesses to reduce costs as well.

Artificial intelligence I today is not the futuristic miracle or sinister force of fiction and Hollywood movies. It’s one of the most important technologies of our times. If you’d like to learn more about AI and automation and how it can boost your productivity, call us on (973) 882-4644 for more information.

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