Maintenance of computers is absolutely essential to make sure they are running optimally. This is because technology is always prone to failure, for various reasons. Components wear out, users make mistakes and it’s even not unheard of for people to wreck them in a fit of rage and frustration. You can ensure that your IT runs smoothly and is in top working order by relying on a technology specialist to manage and maintain your system.

Cost is Key Consideration

Technology maintenance can be a problem for small businesses. Cost is always a key consideration. Tech problems can turn into the stuff of nightmares when it comes to the budget. What seems like a small problem can be a big one, given the costs of parts and call-outs. Quick DIY fixes can sometimes make things worse. For small businesses the costs can be simply unaffordable. Or, in desperation, people dig deep and replace technology that, with some expert attention, could have had its life extended.

Computer Failures Massive Waste of Time

Cost aside, computer failures can be a massive waste of time that impacts efficiency, productivity and, ultimately, the bottom line. A survey that investigated the damage resulting from tech failure, and the disruptions it causes, concluded that the average small business racked up losses of around $100,000 from downtime and its consequences.

Can’t Afford Not To

No business can afford to lose out on $100,000 and no-one wants to spend money if it can be avoided. Minimizing tech costs should be one of your top priorities. There are other options to look at. You don’t have to unplug your computer from the wall and haul it off to a shop elsewhere to be fixed. Managed IT services from Quikteks Tech Support are the solution.

Enhanced Management and Maintenance

With managed IT services you can benefit from enhanced management and maintenance that will help to minimize downtime. Instead of waiting for problems to develop, your systems are proactively monitored so that issues can be picked up before disaster strikes and downtime descends. Our proactive approach covers network security-related issues and hardware management, as well as quick access to help desk support for your employees. Managed IT services keep your organization from unnecessary expenditure on tech support.

A Big Bonus

A big bonus is that we can do all this remotely, without having to visit your premises. You don’t have to wait for us to arrive, or disconnect all your technology. It’s faster, easier and more convenient and it will save you time and money in the long run. To learn more about how Quikteks can save you money, and information on our managed IT services, reach out to us at (973) 882-4644.