Trading in the commute and bad office coffee for pajamas may be the new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic, but we think it’s likely that the remote workforce may stick around even after we’re all able to see each other again.

Work Can Get Done From Home? Who Knew?

Before the pandemic, most business owners would have said that they didn’t believe that their employees could work efficiently from home. Pets, television, video games, and children would fight for their attention. Without the business owner and managers making sure everybody is working hard, what’s to stop them slacking?

Yes, every business, manager, and employee is different, but a lot of employees around the world are suddenly discovering the fact that they are able to be at least as productive when working from home. Is it the technology that allows remote teamwork? The schedule that is task-driven rather than time-driven?

Whatever the reason, we are all getting used to wearing sweatpants. It will be hard going back to the way it was.

Some Businesses Figured This Out Years Ago

Telecommuting is nothing new. Many businesses have been offering different kinds of remote employment for years, some full-time, others with people working from home a few days a week.

It’s a win-win for quality employees. Organizations are using to attract prospective employees, and also as a way to cut down on costs. It’s not cheap to maintain the physical plant of a business.

Add up what you pay for your office space; the rent/lease costs, utilities, and the snack budget. Imagine what you could do if you got rid of your physical office; moving your IT to the cloud, finding a shared space for meetings. It’s a mental jump, but it might look pretty attractive once you get used to the idea.

Whether You Go Back or Stay Remote, We Can Help

During this pandemic, Quikteks has worked with a lot of businesses to set up their workforces for productive remote work. With new technologies, we can help your staff collaborate and work remotely for the long term.

Whether you need immediate help or you are looking at the long term, give us a call at (973) 882-4644. We can help.

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