Is your business implementing new technology solutions? You’re probably not doing it just because you can. The decision was likely prompted by the need to solve a problem of some kind. Perhaps you’re hoping to streamline some aspect of your operations or maybe you’re aiming to boost productivity. Whatever the reason, you’re trying to advance your business, not to make your systems and IT infrastructure more complicated.

New technology solutions come with a variety of challenges that all businesses have to deal with, no matter how many tech resources and IT support exist to assist in the process. Technology implementation should always be guided by the key question, ‘What is the problem that I want this new technology to solve?’. When you’re clear about what that problem is, you are part of the way towards getting it right. The reality, unfortunately, is that the solution isn’t always obvious or simple.

Let’s look at a hypothetical example. Two business want to make their network resources easier for staff working remotely to access. There’s a clear solution, which is to use cloud-hosting, so any staff member with the right device (and suitable security) can access the necessary resources, wherever they are. The solution is the same for both businesses, but the implementation strategy will be different, because the businesses are different.

Business #1 has a range of resources already, and these will determine how the technology implementation is carried out. If it has the IT infrastructure to host its own cloud server, and the tech resources to manage and maintain it, then there’s a straightforward path ahead. Business #2 does not already have the necessary IT infrastructure or tech resource. For this company, implementing the solution will be much simpler and more economical in partnership with a managed services provider. Outsourcing their cloud solution means that it will be hosted, managed and maintained for them.

Both companies are seeking to implement the same solution, but the best way to do that depends on where they are to start with. If Business #2 decided to go down the road of acquiring its own cloud server, as well as the staff to manage it, they might find that they’ve over-complicated things. Thinking through the implications of new technology is the key to implementing it efficiently and successfully. When problem-solving with business technology there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and careful planning is needed to make sure your new IT investment works for your company.

At Quikteks, we understand the traps and glitches that businesses can run into when implementing new technology solutions. To make sure you avoid problems, we work to understand the needs of your business and the solutions you’re hoping for. It may be necessary to make tough calls and negotiate complicated options. We’ll help you do that, with a comprehensive infrastructure audit and network assessment, to target areas that need attention. You can then address your organization’s technology requirements armed with all the information you need to make the best decisions.