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Companies Seeing a Lot of Turnover in Their IT Teams

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Companies Seeing a Lot of Turnover in Their IT Teams

IT maintenance and management are essential if you want your business IT to keep running smoothly. To do that, you need people and, if your IT staff are heading out of the door then your IT systems might not be getting the care they need. New research by Gartner yielded interesting results. IT staff are more likely to leave their jobs than other categories of staff, with obvious implications for the management of your business technology.

IT Staff – the Figures

A new Global Labor Market Survey by Gartner suggests that only 29.1% of IT staff intend to stay in their current jobs – which obviously means that a massive 70% are thinking of moving on. The numbers are even lower in some parts of the world. In Asia, only 19.6 % of IT staff plan to stay with their employers. In Australia and New Zealand, the figure is 23.6%, and in Latin America it’s 26.9%. The numbers are higher for Europe, where 38.8% aren’t thinking of seeking work elsewhere – though that still leaves 61.2% who are. The global average is 10.2% – that leaves a lot of people who are considering a change.

These figures are surprising and not easy to explain. A likely cause is that many people have been rethinking their career options and priorities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s their right. But what does it mean for your organization?

Staff Turnover and Your Business

A staff member who has worked for you for a while will have experience of your IT systems and an understanding of the needs of your business. It follows that it’s not ideal when staff are constantly leaving and being replaced by new personnel, who must learn about your IT systems and technology needs from the beginning. The good news is that there are solutions to this problem.

One way to approach the issue is to use a managed IT service provider like Quikteks, so you have continuity in your IT maintenance and care. Working with Quikteks has various advantages. You won’t have to spend time and effort on the recruitment, hiring and induction process if your IT technician leaves you. That’s time you can spend on growing your business. You’ll also avoid the problem of being left without IT support during the changeover. Regular IT maintenance helps you to avoid technological glitches going undetected and helps to ensure that your systems keep functioning optimally. With the help of a managed IT service provider, you can eliminate unpredictability and be confident that there’s always someone available to assist you with your business technology, even in the craziness of the modern world.

To learn more about our managed IT services, and the benefits that working with Quikteks can provide your organization, call us today on (973) 882-4644.

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