Hosting a service or application yourself, using your own server, is a great idea for businesses but going down this road is not always straightforward. So – what would you say if we told you that there’s an alternative? You can evade all the hassles and complications that in-house hosting of IT systems and applications can throw up, as well as getting rid of the need for dedicating office space to large pieces of hardware. It’s true – you don’t need the space or the hardware to host your business applications. That’s because developments in business technology mean that you can save on space and capital outlay, by availing yourself of the benefits of cloud computing solutions.

Conventional Application Hosting

Traditional methods of application hosting have often been a problem for small businesses. Many small businesses don’t have large premises that can accommodate the bulky hardware required. Procurement of the right business technology can be a problem, especially when the technology budget is limited. Even when the procurement problem can be resolved, ongoing management and maintenance can be a headache and expense.

There’s good news though – there are other options, and cloud-hosting is a great alternative to traditional ways of doing things. What you need is the ability to make the most of the latest business technology, without the challenges that traditional hosting methods pose. Quikteks can host many aspects of your technology infrastructure, including email, VoIP, line-of-business applications and more besides. You don’t have to worry about hosting it yourself, or the management and maintenance that it requires.

Cloud Hosting – Way to Go!

Before we tell you more about how cloud hosting works so well, we have to just tell you another thing about a major advantage that cloud computing offers: accessibility. This is a serious shortcoming of traditional hosting. Your old in-house network would impose certain limits on who could access it and how – and for good reasons, such as security. That means that if you host your own email server (for example), it will only be accessible on the in-house network, and won’t be configured for remote access. For business, the anytime-anywhere access option is ideal, especially as remote working becomes more common and more important for businesses striving to operate optimally.

With cloud computing, many of the services your business uses will be available online. With a managed service provider, the location and management of those applications won’t be something you have to sweat over. You can use your energy and resources to focus on other aspects of your business.

Quikteks is here to help. We can advise and assist you in implementing a hands-off approach to IT management and maintenance. Let us change your perspective on technology hosting! For more information, reach out to us at (973) 882-4644.

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