New Jersey Managed Service Provider, Quikteks Tech Support, is urging companies to prepare to have employees be enabled to work remotely during times of uncertainty. Whether it is man-made or mother nature, illness, or a personal issue that forces employees out of the office, companies must ensure they have secure mobile office solutions in place to keep business moving forward with little to no interruption.

One way to be prepared during these times is to ensure policies are in place for staff to work from home. Quikteks Mobile Office Solutions not only provides a business with the ability for employees to work remotely, it also can be enabled so remote tech support can be provided by our Help Desk team members. “Allowing your team to work remotely without worry is just good for business and our NJ-based support team will be there for our customers working from the office or remotely anywhere anytime,” says Quikteks CEO Andrew Rich.

Allowing your team to work remotely without worry is just good for business.” Andrew Rich, CEO In addition to preparing technologically, Rich also suggests that office workstations be disinfected frequently, hands washed often and people avoid touching their faces because staying healthy is the most important thing you can do.

Remote access isn’t just for uncertain times. It’s for all the time. To learn more about how to create secure remote access for your business, visit, or reach us at (973) 882-4644 or via email at