IT decisions are some of the most important business decisions you’ll make, and they can be complex. Let’s look at some of the most important issues and answer a few business-critical questions.


First, consider your cybersecurity. Before you implement any change, make sure you aren’t compromising your organization’s security. Cyber attacks are a huge financial threat to business.

All business data, no matter what business you’re in, is a financial liability in the event of a security breach. It’s smart to make sure the solutions you implement don’t put data at risk.

Understand Your Data

Evaluate your data carefully. If you’re using enterprise resource planning software to analyze functionality and improve operations, consider whether the suggested solution will actually work for you.

Obviously, don’t bury your head in the data; be logical. Sometimes there are too many concepts in motion to provide useful data, and you can end up implementing a counterproductive solution. In other words, use care in deciding which data is valuable.

Think About Systems Engineering

Any new system you implement needs to fit smoothly into operations. To this end, try thinking like a systems engineer. Thinking about your current systems and workflows, will the new solution improve how they function? Will it resolve workflow issues, or save time and resources? How will it adapt as your needs change?

Consider ease of maintenance. Is support accessible? The most sophisticated enterprise-level solution is useless if it’s broken and you have no support.

Finally, consider your employees. Your new solution will only be effective if your employees can use it.

Study Your Options

Before buying a new solution, take a good look at other available solutions. Why purchase that new network switch if a better option is coming on the market in three months?

Also, consider the cost, implementation, and other operational costs associated with the new technology. If a reasonable delay won’t kill you, that could be the better option. Of course, there are always compliance regulation updates. You may be forced to upgrade to avoid failing a compliance audit.

We like to lay out all the necessary information in a cost-benefit analysis. Quikteks Tech Support can help. Reach out to us for more information at (973) 882-4644.

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