Time is money. No business can afford to wait around for computer problems to be fixed. An immediate response is needed. For small businesses that don’t have an IT technician on staff the delays in fixing malfunctions can be considerable, and damaging to operations and profits. We can offer you a solution to this problem.

An outsourced IT provider like Quikteks can deliver the solution to your technology troubles, with our remote management and monitoring service (RMM). Remote access gets rid of having to have a technician physically present or in-house. With remote monitoring most problems can be diagnosed, evaluated and fixed without having to wait for a technician to get to your workplace. Reduced waiting time means less downtime, so you and your staff can quickly get back on track.

Remote management and maintenance can provide your organization with the following benefits:

Speedy Problem Resolution

Computer problems can bring your operations to a complete halt. Top of the list is problems connecting to the internet, but that’s just one issue that can disrupt your functioning. Sometimes it’s a minor problem that an expert can fix fast – eliminating the time required to visit your workplace.

With RMM, a technician can inspect your device remotely and get to work on the issue in almost no time at all. Some issues will require an on-site visit, but with remote access you’ll know that the technician has had ample opportunities to examine the problem upfront and is well-equipped to address the problem on arrival.

Non-stop Maintenance

Outsourced IT providers can be invaluable, especially if you don’t have an IT technician on hand to make sure your systems are operating properly and to their optimum capacity. With RMM tools, your systems can be monitored to catch problems fast. Issues like hardware failure can be predicted and proactively mitigated. By avoiding major issues you can avoid the consequences – time-consuming downtime. Updates, backups, patches and other maintenance tasks can be attended to remotely, so that your business goals are always at the front of the queue.

Benefits for Your Budget

The bottom line is the financial benefits that RMM can bring. In many scenarios you could receive all the benefits of RMM, without the costs of employing specialist IT staff or the expense of maintaining an internal IT department. A monthly fee means you have a handle on most of your IT costs, without the unpredictability of having to pay per problem. This could free up considerable capital to be invested elsewhere in the business and proactively protect your infrastructure as well.

Remote monitoring and management is a benefit for almost any business. If you think we can assist your business, let us know at Quikteks. For a free network consultation, call us on (973) 882-4644 today.

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