Computer goods are to be found in almost every organization and office today and, as the technology diversifies, the quantities increase. It was not so long ago that the main computer item in the office was the desktop PC. Now many businesses also have multiple mobile devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones, as standard equipment in their operations.

Managing and keeping track of where everything is, and who has what, is important but it can be tedious and time consuming. If you’re challenged by the deployment of hardware and device management in general, let us guide you through the process. There are three solid reasons why you should keep track of your company’s hardware and what it’s being used for.

1. Hardware is Expensive

It could be a computer, a phone, a server unit or a data storage device. Almost any new piece of technology is going to cost your organisation a pretty penny. An unexpected replacement could set your budget back hundreds of dollars, or thousands for high-end, specialized equipment. Your computing budget is best reserved for important tech expenses, like expansion and upgrades, not replacing goods that were still fully fit for purpose.

2. Hardware Contains Sensitive Information

No matter what your business deals in, there’s likely to be sensitive information stored on your devices. For the security of your business, and to protect confidentiality and the privacy of your clients and partners you need to keep on top of where items are. Security measures, as well as training your staff to implement them properly, are essential.

3. Office Relocation is a Pain without Hardware Management

Moving is always a pain. Something always seems to get lost, temporarily misplaced or damaged. Knowing what hardware you have is crucial if you’re moving premises. How else will you know if something goes astray? Device management is a common sense strategy for all businesses who relocate.


Asset Management

A spreadsheet is one way to keep track of office hardware, but it’s not necessarily the easiest. Someone has to update it with the details of who’s using which device, when, where and for what purpose. It’s only as good as the state that the database is maintained in. Spreadsheets may play a role but tracking your technology can be done faster by using barcodes. Scan the barcode and your inventory is up to date in seconds.

Mobile Device Management

We offer a mobile device management service designed to help you keep track of your devices and manage how they’re used, no matter where they are. Device management includes security measures. You can whitelist and blacklist apps from accessing sensitive corporate data and wipe devices that have been lost or compromised by hackers.

If your organization is having a tough time managing and keeping track of your technology assets, Quikteks can help. For more information about asset management and mobile device management, reach out to us at (973) 882-4644.

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