One of the most important and sometimes overlooked requirements a business needs to succeed is a strong relationship with the community where it is located. It does not matter if you are a global giant or just a local midsized company, it is important to invest in the city you call home. It’s where you and your employees live, and you would be wise to build relationships with the local government and other organizations in your community, only good things can come from it.

Here are three easy ways your business can become more involved and respected within your community.

Give Generously to Local Nonprofits.
As a business owner, your mailbox may be flooded with fundraising letters from your local nonprofit organizations. Do not give in to the impulse to toss them in the trash as junk mail. Remind yourself that every letter represents a worthy cause struggling to provide your community with an essential service. Remember, these nonprofits can only function if they have the help of for-profit businesses like yours.

Your help is essential for the growth and continuing support these organizations provide, so don’t be stingy. A well run business understands it has social obligations that extend beyond just making money. Even if your motive for giving is to simply improve your company’s reputation, that’s okay. A lot of charitable work will be done with that money, and a lot of good will comes to businesses that are generous to their community.

Promote Your Business with Freemiums.
When giving back to your community, you’re not just limited to giving money; you can give whatever products or services your company provides to the public. The idea here is that you’ve got something that somebody wants; enough to pay for it. By donating your valuable product in the form of a freemium, it can be utilized by another organization that may not have the funds for it. A good example is an IT company providing free computer repairs or upgrades to a local charity; they will spread the word of your generosity throughout the community. Your company can promote the giveaway as a feel-good story which makes for great advertising.

Use Your Expertise as a Platform for Community Involvement
You’re already in position as an innovator within your industry, but did you know that your local community can benefit from your expertise? For example, regularly look at the headlines in your local newspaper, every once in awhile there will be a story that relates to what your business specializes in. When this happens (and it eventually will), your community will turn to its local experts for answers and solutions.

Having the local spotlight shine on your business is great for your company’s reputation, and it will only happen if your community knows that you’re available to share your expertise. They will be aware of this fact this because of your prior good works in the community. This is just one of the many benefits of having your business involved in local affairs.

These are just three easy ways for your business to connect locally. We are sure you can think up many other ways to be involved in your community. The important thing is that you take the first step and do something. What are some ways that your business has successfully connected with your community? Share with us the best ways you’ve connected in the comments.