You might think one monitor is just fine. After all, how long does it take to switch windows? In fact, changing from one to two monitors is one of the best ways to enhance your desktop and make working easier. It’s a relatively cost-effective upgrade that can really boost productivity. Many people discover after a few days that it was a brilliant move and can’t imagine how they managed before with just one screen.

Studies back this up. The University of Utah conducted a survey that showed that people using two monitors really did score higher on productivity measures. They were quicker getting on task and carrying it out, as well as making fewer errors.

This has financial implications too. The Archiving and Records Department of a Canadian hospital found that patient records were entered into the system 1.5 to 3 minutes faster than before. They employed twenty clinical coders. The time saved amounted to savings for the hospital of nearly $6,000 per annum.

There’s no doubt that opting for dual monitors can boost productivity and profits. It’s also a big bonus for your staff, who find that it makes their working day easier. Switching tabs or windows may only take a couple of seconds each time but it all adds up and it’s much quicker to glance at another screen instead of inputting keyboard commands. You can have email open while working on something else. You can go through a tutorial for new software without having to go from window to window. For people working with data entry, there’s no navigation to intervene.

You need to check that your computer system can support dual monitors. Quikteks can advise on the suitability of your existing system and, if it’s not currently possible to use it for two monitors, we can provide information on hardware additions or upgrades that will permit it. Call us on (973) 882-4644 today for professional advice.