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Vishing, also known as voice phishing, is a type of social engineering attack in which an attacker uses a phone call to trick someone into giving up sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, or social security numbers. The attacker often poses as a trusted individual or organization, such as a bank, a government agency, or a tech support representative, and creates a sense of urgency or fear to coerce the victim into divulging information.

Vishing can affect managed IT services by compromising the security of the organization’s data and systems. If an employee falls victim to a vishing attack and gives away their credentials, the attacker can gain unauthorized access to the company’s networks and data, potentially leading to data theft, fraud, or other malicious activities.

To mitigate the risk of vishing attacks, managed IT services providers may implement security measures such as two-factor authentication, employee training, and regular security audits.

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