Technology Evolves Quickly

If you’ve been in business for a while, you may have devices on your network that are collecting dust. Because technology evolves so quickly, devices that were once cutting edge may quickly become obsolete. You can reduce the chances of this happening by finding the right IT for the job the first time, and implementing only IT solutions that will provide a solid return.

Talk to a Tech

Trying to decide whether to purchase a piece of technology? How will it affect your product or service? Is this a piece of technology your business really use to create more opportunities and improve efficiency? Or is it just another shiny toy that will soon collect dust? You might want to talk to an IT technician before you buy.

We’ll discuss some of the technology that you’ll find in today’s business environment and some that might be on its way out.

Server Hard Drives

Your business probably has at least one server which relies on hard disk drives. These tend to last around three to five years. They usually give you plenty of warning when they are about to fail. Look out for the following signs:

  • • The drive is making clicking, whirring, and humming noises.
  • • Repeated crashes and software errors.
  • • Repeated disk errors.
  • • Generally odd computer behavior.

Signs of trouble like these can also apply to any device that utilizes a HDD.

Solid State Drives

Many computers these days have solid-state drives (SSD). There are a lot of advantages to SSD, but they are constructed in a fundamentally different way. Monitoring them is the best way to ensure they don’t prematurely fail. Here are some signs of impending failure:

  • • Recurring error messages
  • • Files that can’t be written or read
  • • Frequent crashes during the boot phase

Keep Ahead of the Curve

Upgrading your hard drives and solid-state drives periodically is a good way to stay ahead of failures due to aging technology, but having a quality data backup system in place is the most important failsafe you can have. Quikteks Tech Support can also monitor your system remotely and keep you aware of technology that may fail before it happens.

Networking Components

Networking problems make it difficult to keep operations progressing smoothly, and when the system is down, your employees are sitting on their hands. The two obvious culprits would be your router or the service provider…or it could just be an internal networking issue. Time to call the techs.

If your business needs help rooting out the cause of networking problems or inconsistencies with your IT infrastructure, Quikteks Tech Support can help. Call us at (973) 882-4644.