It’s not always easy for businesses to keep up with the latest communications technology. Some organizations are still stuck in the days of using antiquated communication mediums that are specific to the individual, rather than to an organization. In order to optimize the way your business communicates both internally and externally, it’s critical that you address the following two opportunities for unified communications.

Unified Email
What email clients are your users working with to communicate with external parties? Is it from an email server specific to your business? Believe it or not, some organizations still rely on employees using their personal email accounts to communicate. This isn’t the way your organization should be functioning, as it can create unnecessary complications in the event you lose a team member; not to mention how unprofessional it looks to be using free email addresses from Gmail or Yahoo for your professional business associations.

Instead, you should have an email setup that’s consistent throughout your business’s staff, and separate from their personal email addresses. This means that your organization would be in control of all accounts, so you can promptly shut down addresses upon resignation, or archive messages for later viewing. Plus, a unified email solution can help your business retain a professional image. Quikteks can host your email server for you, so you don’t have to handle all of the grunt work, like upkeep and maintenance.

Unified Instant Messaging
Instant messaging is a great tool that can help your business stay in touch throughout the office. Consider this scenario: you need an answer from someone in your office, but you can’t wait for an email. The logical thing to do would be to ask them in person, but that would waste time. Instead, you could just shoot them an IM and ask your question, and they’ll answer in real time.

The popularity of instant messaging capabilities in social networks has led many organizations to adopt instant messaging for this express purpose. It makes it much easier to communicate without the need for face-to-face interaction. Quikteks can help your business set up and maintain an instant messaging solution that keeps you in control. All you have to do is ask!

The great thing about unified communications is that the solutions are often very similar to everyday products that ordinary PC users will make use of on a regular basis. For example, most people already have a personal email address, so they’ll be relatively familiar with how your chosen email client works. The same goes for your instant messaging program; products like Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts have made it exceedingly easy to take advantage of instantaneous communication; the key is having control over who can use it.

Integrating unified communications doesn’t have to be challenging. Quikteks offers all of the above services for your organization as scalable investments. You only pay for the services that you want, and nothing more. This helps you avoid unnecessary charges.

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