Growing Pains

Businesses invest a lot of time and energy into growth, but with growth comes various problems that must be addressed to maintain optimal operations. For example, is your network ready to handle your organization’s growth?
Here are four of the biggest challenges that a growing business faces.

More Users

Business is booming and you’re hiring. That’s great, but can your network keep up with the increased traffic? Your security solution also has to protect data coming from more access points. Planning for additional users can help you avoid slow network traffic and unsecured access points.

More Devices

New employees will be bringing other devices with them to the workplace, like laptops, smartphones, or tablets. Can your network deal with three times the estimated network traffic? Now’s the time to integrate a BYOD policy to accommodate the mobile device trends of a modern workforce. We can help you deal with that.

Even More “Things”

The Internet of Things, which is a collective term for all the data-collecting devices used for analytical purposes, is huge. Not just your typical devices, but fitness-tracking wristbands or smart watches, and that’s the entering wedge. These devices are now connecting to the company network. NetworkComputing explains the challenge of IoT:

“Internet access for everything we touch is an imminent reality. Sooner or later, nontraditional network devices will be more common than traditional devices that plug into the network — think lighting and security controls, scanners and sensors, even your office coffee pot. These ‘things’ will soon infiltrate the network, hogging bandwidth and using network protocols, which means you need to prepare now for the network takeover of the ‘things.'”

Prepare for the Internet of Things invasion. You need to make sure now that your network has enough bandwidth to handle the increased traffic, and a security solution to handle increased users and the risks they bring. Since IoT devices tend to communicate with each other, you’ll need security from the extra network traffic they generate. If even one of the devices connecting to your network is compromised, you could be in trouble.

Therefore, you’re going to need a network monitoring solution that’s designed for IoT, (which Quikteks offers). NetworkComputing explains:

“As your business grows, you should be monitoring your network, applications, and quality of service for volume related problems. Now is the time to get good control over IP address management as we look towards increased IPv6 migration, even more so due to the increase in Internet-connected devices.”

More Customers

More customers is fantastic, but having them all accessing your website or calling your company with your VoIP solution places a heavy strain on your network, If you’re a growing business, you’ll need more bandwidth to keep up with all of the incoming traffic.

At Quikteks we specialize in helping you discover ways to maximize the efficiency of your IT infrastructure. We design an IT roadmap geared to the needs of your business which takes into account the latest trends and projected growth for the next one-to-five years, so you can plan for the future efficiently.

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